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Brooke Purdy & Colette Freedman's Awards For 'The Last Bookstore' The post apocalyptic screenplay 'The Last Bookstore' won a number of prizes included Grand Prize at the CWA. 

When the technological age has brought humanity to its brink, it is, ultimately five kids, their love and a book that can save mankind. 


Brooke Purdy and Colette Freedman’s post apocalyptic story is a cross between 'Goonies' and 'Stand By Me' with a hint of 'Mad Max' as a group of kids who have survived an EMP must fight for their survival as they travel through dangerous territory to find an important medical book to save their mother.


In the last three months, the script won Best Science fiction film at Action on Film, Grand Prize at Creative World Awards and was a finalist in several competitions including Cinestory, New York Screenplay Festival and Emerging Screenwriters Festival. 

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