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'Deep in the Amazon' by Will Hudson - Quarterfinals Shore Scripts 2016

Will Hudsons first feature "Deep in the Amazon" recently earned the honor of placing in the top 6% of all entries in the 2016 Shore Scripts competition. This is his first feature after previously only writing a short tv pilot. 

The script is about Brielle and her escape from her Amazonian tribal village after her father is assasinated by Kyarr, his most loyal hunter. She escapes with Pela her best friend and together they try to outpace some of Kyarrs most well trained hunters. They eventually meet another undiscovered tribe in the rainforest and their chieftess, Kabita agrees to help them get their tribe back. They return and with some of Kabitas warriors take back their tribe. However in the ensuing war and following the death of Kyarr at the hands of Brielle the old village is destroyed, so they leave to find a new place to settle in the forest.

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