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Chase Kroll's 'Leap' takes 3rd place in Writer's Digest Writing Competition

Chase Kroll's one hour period drama, 'Leap', was awarded Third Place in the Television/Movie Script category of the 85th Annual Writer's Digest Writing Competition. 


The story follows a loyal romantic as he explains, through a trail of cryptic letters, why he's run from his pregnant lover to join the circus. As she fights for answers under a tyrannical father, he uncovers clues of a mysterious crime syndicate that may be targeting his train.


The full announcement will be featured in the Writer's Digest's November/December 2016 issue.  


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The gripping Sci-Fi pilot continues to add to its competition circuit success, having also placed as a finalist in FINAL DRAFT's Big Break (Top 10), the Page Int'l Screenwriting Awards (Top 10), and as a semifinalist in WeTV 2016, Script Pipeline, and the Austin Film Festival writing competitions.


'Down and Out'  is about a deep sea exploration leader attempts to find a way to save humanity, with less than 100 years until the Earth’s surface is unlivable, while secretly searching for answers in the mysterious death of his parents. 


Kroll, 24, works as a writer's assistant in Los Angeles. This year, he has had three original pilots place at the finalist level in at least one major competition, and has placed 26 times (and counting) at quarterfinalist or above in 2016-17 competitions. 

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