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Feature/Short/Web Series Animation/Fantasy/Horror/Mystery/Suspense/Science Fiction/Thriller
Posted: 09/02/15
Location: ANYWHERE (EAST COAST WOULD BE IDEAL) Deferred Pay INTERNSHIP: [All profit will be split evenly among those who contributed]
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I'm currently a film student attending Full Sail University. My dream is to someday own my own production company, but I know that in order to be successful at this, I need to have my own little "A Team" if you will. I am a writer, director and photographer, so I'm looking for animators, editors, costume designers, producers, etc., and more talented, driven writers. The genres I mainly write for are horror, suspense, science fiction, and thriller; although I am also capable of writing for dramas and action/adventure.

To get where I'm coming from, some of my favorite movies within these genres are Resident Evil, Attack the Block, The Atticus Institute, Afflicted and The Fourth Kind. I love movies that are able to instill fear, while also being awe-inspiring.

Visually speaking, color is very important to me. All of the movies I listed are beautiful in the sense of their color pallet, especially Resident Evil.

I don't require someone to have 10+ years of experience or a degree in their field. I understand that not everyone attended a University to acquire the skills that they now possess; trial and error are all some people need. Saying this, I would still like to view resumes, but it isn't required. Loglines, synopsis, and samples are best; I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable by submitting a full screenplay to a complete stranger. Multiple samples are ideal to see consistency within your work.

Right now, the most important positions to me are writers and animators. We can work together to create a product that brings people within those other positions to us.

Posted by Kimberly Brown

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Tags: Feature, Short, Web Series, Animation, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery/Suspense, Science Fiction, Thriller